Vendor Workshops

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Morning Workshops, 10:00am-12:00pm

AnyLogic - AnyLogic 7.1 Demonstration
Join Nikolay Churkov, Head of Software Development from The AnyLogic Company for a demonstration of our newest version, AnyLogic 7.1. Advancements include GIS capabilities, Java 8 support, recurrence time controls, plus additions to the pedestrian and rail libraries.

Applied Materials - AutoMod
Come learn about the AutoMod product, its use and flexibility to solve real-world complex modeling problems and learn why AutoMod has outlasted its competition for over 30 years. Come see the latest development plans that will drive the product for the next 30 years. The session will be interactive, fun, and informative. For those from Academia, come learn about the AutoMod Academic program and software options available for undergraduate and graduate programs. Presenter: Dan Muller.

Emulate3D - An Introduction to the Emulate3D Range of Products
Learn about the range of software products from Emulate3D, including Demo3D, Sim3D and Emulate3D. See how models are created and understand how the products can be used for amazing presentations, experiments and analysis, and controls testing. See the Demo3D Quick Start Catalog in action and find out what's new in the 2014 release.

Forio - Publish Your Simulation on the Web or Mobile
Forio Epicenter makes your simulation available to hundreds of people within your organization through the browser or your tablet or phone. We will teach you how to create an easily accessible simulation where your colleagues, students or the public can enter decisions and see live updates of simulation results. Accounts can be password protected so that only users with permission see your simulation. We will start with an introduction to the platform and sample interactive online models that run on Epicenter. Then we will teach you how to get your simulation written in R, Python, Julia or other simulation languages on Epicenter to be shared with a few colleagues or thousands of people.

FlexSim Software Products - How Can FlexSim Help Users Model Conveyors and AGV Systems?
FlexSim Software Products, Inc. has added new material handling modules to FlexSim that allow for advanced development of conveyor and AGV systems. These additions have been specifically designed for capability and ease of use, and will model complex systems more effectively than software tools currently on the market. FlexSim CEO Bill Nordgren will provide several examples as he demonstrates these powerful new modules.

MathWorks - MATLAB Platform – Modeling for Analysis and Optimization
MATLAB and Simulink are powerful integrated tools for data analysis, optimization and simulation to answer operations research and logistics questions. Simulink provides a hybrid simulation environment, which allows you to combine different kinds of models – discrete event, continuous dynamics and state transition diagrams. The demo will be showing how we can investigate routing, scheduling and capacity planning problems, visualize analysis and simulation results and model processes for operations research.


Afternoon Session 1, 12:30-2:30pm

Arena Simulation Software  
Part 1-Arena Academic Program:  Arena continues to be the most widely used discrete event simulator in industry and academia. More than 20,000 students graduate each year with training in Arena. The Arena Academic Program has great benefits for professors, researchers and students. This one-hour session will outline the features of this program as well as showcase other events like the IIE Arena Student Simulation Competition. Part 2-Enhancing Simulation with Optimization:  Arena v14.7 includes the latest version of OptQuest. This powerful optimization software is now part of Arena’s Visual Designer framework. This one-hour session will demonstrate how this powerful optimization tool can be utilized to drive additional value and insights from your simulation models.

Imagine That - Reliability Modeling with ExtendSim – Part 1
Reliability plays a key role in cost-effectiveness of systems. Whether it’s the classic machine failure in manufacturing, equipment availability in transportation, or spares management in healthcare it can affect your system. This two-part session (Part 2 continues 3-5pm) reviews a variety of reliability modeling techniques focusing on ExtendSim and how its database and open architecture help you flexibly model reliability related issues. A number of reliability-oriented models will be presented. Presenters: David Krahl & Robin Clark.

Simio - Get Started Teaching Simio Today
Find out why 800 academic institutions worldwide upgraded to Simio. Get a quick Simio overview. Learn about the free on-line training, high-quality textbooks under $40, twelve student-ready video-based labs, and the extensive list of teaching materials to make your transition easy. Jump into our new student simulation competition based on real business problems.


Afternoon Session 2, 3:00-5:00pm

Frontline Systems - Analytics Made Easy: Data Mining, Simulation and Optimization for Excel and the Web
Go beyond simulation – discover the easiest, fastest, lowest cost and risk “on ramp” to full-spectrum predictive and prescriptive analytics, from Excel Solver developer Frontline Systems. See how one integrated toolset can meet your needs for forecasting and data mining, Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis, and conventional and stochastic optimization – without the complexity and high cost of “enterprise” solutions. Easily build models in Microsoft Excel, your Web browser with Office 365, or your favorite programming language, without getting “locked in” to custom languages, and without any compromises on power and speed. Try out full-power versions of our tools with free trial licenses. Presenter: Daniel H. Fylstra, President, Frontline Systems Inc.

Imagine That - Reliability Modeling with ExtendSim – Part 2
In Part 2 of the Reliability Modeling with ExtendSim workshop, we will continue the discussion initiated in Part 1. Delving deeper into the reliability modeling techniques in ExtendSim, you will learn more about how its database and open architecture help you flexibly model reliability related issues. Even if you cannot attend Part 1, please join us for Part 2. Though Part 2 is a continuation session, Part 1 is not a required prerequisite for this session. Presenters: David Krahl & Robin Clark.

Simio - Innovations in Simulation
Simio continues to push the state of the art of simulation. Learn about the Simio innovations that move us into new application areas and provide new capabilities. See an overview of the new operational planning, flow processing, analysis techniques, optimization, next-generation Gantt, and other capabilities that “the other guys” will try to copy over the coming years.